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CASA of Tarrant County CFC Video Transcript

[Children playing on swingset]

You know them, they live next to you, going to school with your kids, shopping at your grocery store. Every year, thousands of children are abused or neglected in Tarrant County.

They need someone to make sure they don’t’ face foster care alone.

You know them, they live next to you, exercise in your gym, work in your building. People just like you who are not okay with child abuse.

[CASA volunteer playing with boy on swingset]

Every month they step up and give their time and resources as CASA volunteers and donors. CASA of Tarrant County is a nonprofit, volunteer-powered agency providing trained volunteer advocates to children in foster care.

[mother and daughter playing in home]

Our mission is to advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children. Our advocates gather information about the child’s needs to advocate on behalf of the child.

[CASA volunteer interacting with mother and daughter]

Your CFC contribution helps CASA recruit, train and support advocates who speak up for abused and neglected children in Tarrant County.

[CASA logo]

CASA of Tarrant County
CFC #87756