Cause of the Week: Children & Family Services

 Children and Family Services icon of family and home Cause sub-categories: Youth Development (Universal Children’s Day, Nov. 20), Adoption (National Adoption Month), Foster Care, Child Care, Single Parent Services, Counseling (Child, Family, Couple) 

“A person's a person, no matter how small.”  — Dr. Seuss 


The physical, emotional, and social development of a child has a direct impact on their overall development and future wellbeing as an adult. Children and family services play a vital role in achieving effective outcomes from emotionally and physical strained family circumstances. In the U.S., there are nearly a half a million children in foster care. Many households around the world are not able to secure enough food to properly provide for their families. Additionally, more than 300 million children suffer from physical punishment and/or psychological violence at the hands of their parents and caregivers.  

CFC charities help give these children a leg-up by providing services as well as education and opportunities for long-term success, such as counseling, education, and other advocacy and welfare services.  

Donations through the CFC can help these charities can go a long way in making a difference in the life of small children and families.  

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