Mr. B's Journey

At CFH, the foundation of all the work we do is a basic principle: We believe that homelessness is a condition, not a characteristic of a person. This distinction is important since homelessness is a condition, we can treat it. Your support will provide critical health care treatment that ends episodes of homelessness.

Giving Hope to Hospitalized Children

Basket of Hope's mission is to give hope to hospitalized children diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness through the delivery of a Basket of Hope filled with toys, games, craft items, stuffed animals, gift cards, and other items. Hope Totes are optional for the parents and contain gifts to nourish them physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Karley's Story

My daughter, Karley Kaohekahewai Alani, is a thriving, beautiful 8-year-old. Her cancer journey
began three years ago when we found out at an ER visit that she had a mass. The mass turned out to be
ganglioneuroblastoma. She was also diagnosed with OMA’s or opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome. Karley
has been through several minor surgeries and one major surgery since her diagnosis. The question she
asks is “why her”. I have no words or answers to give her, but I do offer hope, faith and love. Our family

Make it Safe to Tell the Truth!

POGO was co-founded in 1981 by trailblazer and Pentagon whistleblower, Ernie Fitzgerald who understood the significance of people powered accountability. Our investigations into waste, fraud, corruption, and abuse of power allow us to find deficiencies in federal government policies, programs, and projects. Much of our focus is where government and powerful private interests intersect, a nexus where corruption and abuse of power can thrive if oversight isn’t strong.